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Watch The Shallows is 127 minutes Scenery of the Survival horror “watch The Shallows full movie online” makes desire for vacation. because with allerschönstem sunshine actress Blake Lively on the beach surrounded by palms comes along ready for one day in the sea. The passionierte surfer is inspired hellauf when she discovers a nearly deserted bay which presents itself like a paradise for the wave rider. However, “The Shallows ,”the adventure becomes the nightmare, because in the water there waits a gigantic white shark. He attacks them, still she can escape injured on a small rock projection. Without view of help, she thinks up a reckless rescue plan.

With the feeling of the terror the Catalan director Jaume Collet-Serra is familiar obviously especially well, nevertheless, he delivered with “House Of Wax” and „Orphan – The orphan’s child“ already two representatives of the horror genre. The screenplay to “The Shallows” comes from the feather of Anthony Jaswinski („The rule of the shades“). As actors are a party to it among other things still Ó scar Jaenada (“Pirates of the Caribbean: Fremde Gezeiten”) and board Cullen („Red of Dawn“). In this country the shark from „The Shallows – survival horror thriller danger from the depth“ attacks 25th of August, 2016 in the cinemas.

Summer, the sun and beach – of it can only dream beacon Lively in the thriller The Shallows. The hard reality is same that it sticks immediately before the coast and seriously injured on a rock slowly sinking into the sea which is circled by a hungry white shark. Their quick survival fight describe Sony Pictures and director Jaume Collett-Serra in great white shark the final trailer for the coming German film start in this August. With the film it concerns the horror comeback of Collet-Serra (House of Wax, Orphan – The orphan’s child) which became a talking point at last above all by various thrillers with Liam Neeson before the camera. Now the script to his Regiearbeitet accompanies an emotionally sieved woman while surfing before a lonesome island. Nevertheless, besides, the deep grief over her recently late mother is not the only Balast on high sea. Also a white shark has become attentive to the desperate swimmer and has already taken up the hunt. Does she create it in spite of injuries which spread increasingly bloody tracks in the water, her last little hour has already hit against the saving shore or?

The last shark films drifted not least beaconed by the crazy Sharknado Trash patrols more and more in the direction of surreal Beklopptheiten from. Even if the films were produced seriously, the Matti Leshem Setting (Bait 3D moved: Sharks at the supermarket) the whole film in the ridiculous. Now director Jaume Collet-Serra is about to insert the horror again in the Subgenre reasonable by Steven Spielberg with The Shallows.

There is news of meetings with sharks, never mind with white sharks, over and over again. Mostly they go out not quite well – sometimes less for the person, sometimes less for the shark. The Shallows shows such a meeting. Actually, Nancy wanted to go Surf only. Marco Beltrami However, the putatively dreamlike bay segment turns out nightmare, because no 200 metres away from the beach, it is attacked by a white shark. Though she can escape on a rock, however, now the duel becomes the test of patience and psychoplay between her and the big white.

Sony Pictures Lively (“Gossip Girl”) published topically the newest trailer to the shark thriller “The Shallows” with Blake in the leading role.
Besides, the trailer reveals Columbia Pictures accordingly new cuttings of the film including to new frightening attacks of the aggressive shark on the protagonist fighting around the survival.

“The Shallows” acts from Nancy (Blake Lively) who is attacked with lonesome surfing on a remote beach by a big white shark. Injured she escapes in the last second on a rock in the sea where it is caught now, nevertheless. Even if it is removed only just 180 metres Óscar Jaenada. from the sure shore, this life-menacing situation turns out as a test of her will strength, because the shark is hungry and waits only for the fact that Nancy takes a wrong step.

Sony has two new film clips from the Survival thriller The Shallows – danger from the depth published, in the Blake Lively in the level waters the fight against a shark takes up. New South Wales She plays Nancy which is a matter surfing alone on a desolate beach. The fact that this was maybe no so good idea, it notices when it is attacked by a white shark.

She can bring herself on a small rock in the sea in security. Although it is removed only few hundred Lord Howe Island metres from the saving coast, the way becomes there the ultimative will test and a fight for life and death.

The Shallows was turned in October, 2015 in New South Wales, Australia. Blake Lively who is married in the true life with Ryan Reynolds plays in the film of Jaume Collet-Serra almost the sole leading role. Collet-Serra has up to now films like Orphan – The manner child (2009), Unknown Identity (2011) or Non-stop (2014) produced. Scriptwriter is Anthony Jaswinski who contributed, e.g., the screenplay to The rule of the shades (2010).